Divorce and Family

Divorce is a legal issue that involves the entire life of the parties and the lives of their children, if there are any. The legal separation of the partner affects mentally and economically.  

The reasons and circumstances leading to divorce vary from couple to couple. And how the couple was separated makes a difference to the person’s next life and the children. Therefore, it is necessary to divorce with careful consideration for the future rather than relying on temporary feelings and momentum.

In the case of international divorce between foreigners or between a foreigner and a Japanese, the conditions and rules for divorce differ depending on the nationality of the individual. So we must check if they can divorce in Japan to begin with. When the answer is yes, we must consider which country’s law applies to the divorce.

At our office, we provide personal and in-depth support focusing on making the start of a newly single life ahead of divorce a better and brighter one.

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