Wills & Late Life Planning

Our office provides total legal services such as  stewardship contracts, voluntary guardianship, drafting wills, and entrustment of after-death matters to realize anxiety free late life plans of clients. 

In particular, many people think that wills are written by the people who have a lot of property and they have nothing to do with wills. But the majority of troubles are found in the inheritance of small legacy. For example, the only legacy is the house and land where the decedent resided.

Therefore, it is a showing of love to  the families and relatives to make a will  to prevent possible disputes among them. Also, deciding how to distribute or to dispose one’s estate after his/her death is  considered the part of estate planning. Therefore, it is advisable to think positive when you make a will.

In the United States, some people write their wills when they are young and revise the wills in accordance with the increase and decrease of the property. Some people start writing wills in their thirties and  update the wills on their birthdays each year.

In addition to leaving property to relatives, it is also possible to contribute to posterity by donating, and the usefulness of wills is not limited to the prevention of heritage conflicts. There are several ways to create a will, and in addition to the notarial will, which has been the mainstream of wills for certainty, we use a cheaper self-written will storage system. We are also creating.

In addition, our office also supports delegation contracts for post-mortem affairs (for example, funerals and burials according to your wishes) that are not covered by wills, and provides total lifelong support.

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