Wills & Late Life Planning[Case: 5]

An example of a holograph will using the impoundment system

Background of the case

An elderly client in her late 80s came to the office and asked our lawyer for help to leave a will . Her estate is her house and the land as well as Yen6 million , which she thought is not big enough to spend money to make a formal will. She wanted to hand-write a will and wanted to make sure that the will is kept in the safe and easy to find place. .

How we solved the case

We recommend that you make a will using the self-written will storage system.

It is an unfamiliar will system that just started in 2nd year of Reiwa, but the fee is very reasonable at 3900 yen, and the Legal Affairs Bureau will keep the will, and if the person dies, the designated person will have the will. This is because it is convenient and reliable for storage, such as being notified.

In addition, the client has already decided what kind of will to write, and there was no need to consult with the will itself. On the other hand, the application form preparation and application procedure are unfamiliar and difficult even for non-elderly people, so we accepted this procedure at our office and accompanied the Legal Affairs Bureau to the procedure.

Key Point

There are many people who do not know the storage system of wills of self-written certificates, including this client, and there are few experts such as lawyers who have experience, but like this client, I created a will without spending money. Moreover, it is a very convenient system for those who want to keep their wills from being informed to their heirs.

Also, it is important to leave a will to prevent troubles after death, so you can consult from the start as to what kind of will to make, but if you do not need it, this time We can help you only with the application procedure at a low cost like the requester of.

Many people feel that notarial wills have a high threshold, and the storage system for self-written wills was the perfect method for clients who want to easily and surely leave wills.

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